HVAC Maintenance Club

HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

Dirt and lack of maintenance is the number one cause of failures in heating and cooling equipment. Our maintenance club is an annual membership where we will perform routine maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment. Not only do we fully inspect the equipment to catch problems BEFORE they leave you broken down, but we disassemble and thoroughly clean the equipment to prevent breakdowns, restore efficiency and keep things clean! We can also inspect humidifiers, ultraviolet (UV) lights, electronic air cleaners, and zone systems.

Spring/summer air conditioner or heat pump maintenance:

  • Quality pleated filters are installed at no cost*
  • The evaporator coil is checked and leak searched, if necessary
  • Check the refrigerant charge
  • Thoroughly test and check electrical controls, parts and motors
  • Disassemble and clean ac unit and condensing coil
  • Clear condensate drain line
  • And much more!

Fall/Winter furnace and air handler maintenance:

  • Install quality pleated filters at no cost*
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Clean sensors
  • Check ignitors/burners/heat exchangers
  • Test and inspect control boards, electrical, and motors
  • Remove blower and clean furnace or air handler
  • Test and inspect heat strips, breakers, transformers, sequencers and limits
  • Check and inspect temperature rise and air flow or blower settings
  • And much more!

Performing annual maintenance can greatly reduce breakdowns, increase efficiency, lower utility bills, and extend equipment life. Our maintenance club members receive longer warranties on repairs due to the maintenance included with the membership!

*for most 1 and 2 inch thick filter sizes